Unpacked is a narrative VR game in which you play as Nadia, a recent college graduate who is left to grapple with her past and herself as she attempts to pack up her things one last time. An old friend calls, and she is forced to make a choice. How do you move forward?

Unpacked is set to release for HTC Vive in winter 2019.


CyberDrive 2077

CyberDrive 2077 is a mobile game released for iOS and Android. Set in a future dystopia, the Hacker is uploaded into the System, a sentient and hostile computer superintelligence. The Hacker rides with the mission to destroy as much of it as possible, sector by sector.

Credits: Producer, Artist (2D + 3D)


SandWitching Hour

SandWitching Hour is a short twine game about your quest for a late night snack gone weird.


Punks nā€™ Patriots

Winner of Best Game at the Global Game Jam, NYU Game Center (2017). Click and hold on a point to move. Right click to wave. Wave at protesters to win them over. Bring them to the polls to get them to vote for you or leave them in the field to keep argue with other voters.

Credits: Artist (character sprites, illustrations)